Art saved my life - Get to know me, the artist behind Blot Mani jewelry

Good afternoon Norway & the rest of the world.

My name is Natali (Nat) and i’m the artist behind Blot Mani jewelry.

After alot of thinking back and forth, i decided to open up and tell you why i started to make jewelry.

I’m an retired tattoo artist that had a successful tattoo studio for over 10 years located in Norway. On my sparetime wich was rare when you run your own business, are a mom and wife i painted art and had shows at galleries ~ i have always involved my life with art; either on humans or on canvas and every summer i sculpted home decorations from statues to wall lamps (dark art tentacle lamps).

In 2016 i was re-diagnosed from Ulcerus Colitus to Chrons, so for 26 years iv’e been living with the wrong diagnose and no proper medications. Since i was given wrong medications all those years and no dr’s that listened to me, i decided to stop eating the wrong medications. 

Iv’e been seeing other dr’s about the pain i had in my hips and spine 16 years ago, but no one took me serious with the problems i had ~ i either had «a big chest» and that was the problem, or a problem after my pregnancy. I was sendt to physio therapy and only got worse, told the dr i had back then and she just ignored my problem. 

I ended up believing that the pain came from the hard work of having horses and tattooing - until late 2015.

The pain was insane, it spread from my hips and spine to my shoulders. I couldn’t walk, sit for long or lift my arms. So i got a new young female doctor who thought my case was super interesting, and all the tests began.

They figured out that i have Chrons instead of Ulcerus colitus wich explains why the medecines didn’t work, my spine has several fractures in it and that i have something so fancy as Spondylo arthritis = arthritis in all of my joints.

The arthritis comes from the Chrons that have evolved into this insane illness. 

When i got this diagnose, i knew that i would never be well again. I knew that this is something that i have to live with for the reat of my life, and i’m still young so it’s many many many more years with chronical pain.

So i decided to close my tattoo shop and paint full time instead. 

When you have arthritis, it’s important to keep your joints in movement and i was so happy that the arthritis wasn’t that bad in my hands and fingers yet - until one day, they got so swollen that they turned blue, the pain felt like someone was crushing my bones with a hammer.

This pain came and went everytime i used my hands when i drew or painted, so i decided that i needed to take a long break. 

The thing is when your life gets turned upside down like this over the night - by wrong treatment from doctors who didn’t want to listen to you, not beeing able to work or even do housecleaning you actually start to get mental issues. 

I just knew that i need to find something else to do at home, to stay sane. Ofcourse i have all my animals that keeps me company during the days when my husband is at work and our children is at school, but i needed to create something.

Art has always been a part of my life.

I decided to start making jewelry!

This idea came when i searched the internet for new jewelry and never found anything that i really loved. So i choosed to do the art of electroforming and thats how Blot Mani started.

Now in the writing moment iv’e had a 14 months break from painting and yes; i miss doing that alot. But i do not like the pain it gives me! I will however start to paint slowly again and see how it goes, but i will never stop making jewelry.

I love it! I also keep asking my self; why didn’t i start with this sooner? Haha, well i’m glad that i started - because i really love this kind of artform.

I should also add to my story, that i’m immune against all the biological infusion treatments. So there is nothing i can get for my arthritis = i will live with this pain for the rest of my life, i’m loosing 5-6 years of my life too and it’s super important for me now to keep my joints in movement to prevent my ribcage to shrink and give me heartattacks.

Behind all of this i was sad,  and it does something to your mental health to get a diagnose like this.

If i wasn’t able to do art, i don’t think that i would be in this world in this writing moment.

I can honestly say that art saved my life.

I would also like to encourage everyone who struggles with mental issues to try out art - remember art comes in all different categories.

Photography - drawing - nail art- flower bouquet’s and so on as an example.  

Art is good for your mind and soul and i would like to say that it has healing properties for your inner self. 

Blot Mani is a one woman show, this is my daily hobby to stay sane and i would like to send out a big THANK YOU to everyone who have supported me on this journey, who purchase the jewelry i create and giving me your likes and comments on my Instagram profile (@blotmani) ❤️ 

Please try out some kind of art form if you struggle with mental health issues. Maybe it will give you a new energy of life and that you decide to still be here in this world together with the rest of us «crazy» ones ❤️