Cancellation - new jewelry - sale, cabochons and minerals - a typical November month start

Hi all, Natali (Nat) here.

Thought that I should write our first blog entry this late night or if you want to call it an early Sunday morning here in Norway.

It`s 04:07 and I just finished adding the sales code for you all to use - you save 30% this time by using our code; XMASSHOP30 on your check out and it`s valid from now and until the 9th of November.

I saw a post yesterday on Instagram that said it`s only 8 more Fridays to go until Christmas and I started feeling stressed. Normally I`m that kind of person who does my Christmas shopping the day before Christmas to avoid all the rush, stress and all the people (i have social anxiety) and believe it or not, here in my town there are actually fewer people out shopping that day.

But this year I planned on starting early - and therefore I added a sales code for you all to use in case you want to start your holiday shopping early too.

I also had to cancel my jewelry exhibition in Milan due the vendors cutting the deadline = I just didn`t have time to finish all four pieces for the exhibition. I don`t like to stress, and especially if I`m creating something that shall last a lifetime and longer = it needs time and lots of love from me.

I have two finished pieces that were created for the Milan fashion week show, it's my BALANCE collection with one knuckleduster ring and one finished choker. Both are currently available in my shop. More BALANCE jewelry is on their way too.

I would also like to announce that there will soon be a crystal corner available in our shop. There you can find different crystals, minerals mined by us and collectible pieces that I have purchased from around the world. We also cut our own rocks that we mined and make cabochons - they are available on our cabochon page on Instagram called @blotmani_rocks , you can claim them by the classic "sold" - "me please" comments once we have a cabochon sale. The cabochons that are not sold will be listed in our web store. More info can be found on that Instagram page right before we start a sale (we are adding Herkimer diamonds AAA grade later today).

And before I log out to hit the bed, there are lots of jewelry to be added this upcoming week as well, and if you want a sneak peek - then give my Instagram profile a follow; @blotmani

I wish you all a really good night