New collections & crystal corner

Good evening you beautiful souls who reads my blog.

Tonight i finally added more collections to my shop included the crystal and cabochon corner.

There you will find destash crystals and cabochons of a high quality. There is nothing wrong with them, but i always purchase in bulk when i get materials for my jewelry = i thought sharing is caring, and will offer every now and then some beautiful cabochons and crystals to the public.

About the collections added; You will find necklaces, pendants, rings, earrings and earweights for stretched lobes and bracelets in the collection they belong to. So if you click in on the «necklace» or «ring» category and can’t find what you are looking for, then check out the collections 😊 After a little while i will remove the categories «Necklaces» - «rings» and «earrings» , and all the jewelry will be in their categories.

A short blog post today, but i will write a longer one real soon that will have behind the scenes pictures too.

Have a wonderful night

/Nat (Instagram; @blotmani)

Todays blog picture is a necklace from the Cernunnos collection.