About us

Blot Mani is a small Norwegian family owned slowfashion business.

Blot Mani is a derivative from old Norse dialect, where "blot" is a sacrifice, and "mani" that means moon. The name is chosen to honor our Norse heritage. We don't consider ourselves part of the Asatru religion, but we accept it as a part of our history.

Nat K is the founder as well as the driving and creative force behind Blot Mani. Art, in one shape or another, has been her livelihood most of her adult life. Though her health has pushed and pulled her in many directions, she finally got to where she belonged. Making wearable art with magnificent gems, crystals, and minerals, together with the finest leather from a small Norwegian family owned tannery to the finest Italian leather, 925 sterling silver and solid gold in different karats.

The rest of the family pitches in wherever they can, being in the hunt for some rare minerals, finding and cleaning discarded metal for jewelry and settings or helping set up a website. We try to self-mine as much as possible and will put both rough and processed minerals up for sale on this site.

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