Our Story;

Blot Mani started to exist early 2018 as a hobby project, and early 2019 Blot Mani had grown into a small business.

Blot Mani meaning;

The name Blot Mani is a derivative from old Norse dialect. Blot is sacrifice and Mani means moon. The name is chosen to honor our Norse heritage.

We don`t consider ourself part of the Asatru religion, but we accept it as a part of our history.

Materials that we love;

We love to use silver, solid gold (all the gold used is recycled gold) and discarded metal that we find out in the nature on our hikes. We recycle it and use it as often as possible in our jewelry. We also use old dig finds from the dark ages/viking era such as old buckles, buttons etc. 

The leather we use are from a small Norwegian tannery and from small family owned tanneries in Italy.

We only pick out leather of the highest quality, and leather from animals that are not killed only for their fur or leather. We only use leather and bones from animals that are a bi product or found out in the nature.

Our pearls, we love to use Freshwater, Tahitian and Seawater pearls. Our pearls comes from a small family owned pearl farm located in a small town in China. The family owned pearl farm has existed for over 20 years, and we always get the most amazing and beautiful pearls from this family to create with.

Recycled glass beads, collectible antique glass/clay/bone beads and lost wax brass beads - all from different parts of Africa. We love to recycle and re use as much as we can, and to be able to work with so many fantastic beads from Africa is a dream come true. It sure is something special to hold and feel beads that are made by hand out of clay over 100 years ago. Our beads are far from perfect, but that`s only because they have been passed down over the years from  mother to child and later has been collected and sold to artists and collectors such as us for an example.


We only use environment friendly fabrics for our clothing line, and hand dye every piece with natural plant dye that we make in our own kitchen.

You`ll find hemp, bamboo, organic cert. approved cotton, linen clothing made by us in our shop.

Hemp cords, recycled leather strings are also often used by us. We also purchase recycled sari satin fabric directly from India to support small women owned businesses located there.


We have a huge collection of raw crystals in all different kind of specimens from all around the world. We love to work with their raw shape as we see the beauty of mother nature in them.

We also collect our own crystals here in Norway and incorporate them in our jewelry as often as we can.

We also have a pretty big collection of cabochons made by fantastic lapidary artists mainly from America, Australia, Canada and cabochons made by our own hands here in Norway.

Our diamonds are raw and absolutely stunning. They are all conflict free and are sent to us from one of our diamond suppliers located in India. The diamonds are found in Africa and are all conflict free.


We do not mass produce nor use factories to make our jewelry/leather goods or clothing line.

Every product is handmade by our main artist Nat K Blot Mani, and we do not have any specific launch dates/times - which means, when a product is finished; it goes straight up on our website.

Nat K Blot Mani does however create after our four seasons; spring, summer, fall and winter.


We are a slowfashion business, which in turn means; we only create unique, one of a kind, handmade designs. All made with love and our environment in our mind and heart.

Custom orders;

We only accept custom orders a few times per year. Sign up to our news mail to receive dates when we are open for custom orders.


Nat K has made a contracted deal with DHL Express. This means that we ONLY ship with DHL express, from our door here at the BlotMani Hause in Norway straight to your door.

From september month 2020, we no longer ship to Romania.