Leather care

LEATHER INFORMATION AND CARE: With all leather, we recommend keeping your item out of water and sunlight (when possible). 
If your leather should come in contact with water, wipe clean with a dry cotton cloth and allow to air dry.
We mainly use vegetable tanned leather (veg tan) which can become stained after contact with water.

At «BlotMani», we choose only top quality by-product from the meat industry leather, and quality materials for every item that we make.

All leather work starts out as a blank canvas and we hand dye it in our studio/workshop, using layers of colors to create unique products with a high quality and with a rustic feel. 
Our bags, wallets, belts, hats and other accessories are made to last and be cherised for many many years, which is why with every product we make, we aim for timeless beautiful look that remains striking as trends to come and go.

We treat all of our leather products with leather conditioner before they leave the studio, and we highly recommend using a leather conditioner like saddle soap or balm from time to time if needed, to re-hydrate your leather products. This will enhance the condition of leather and extend the life span.

All of our products are hand crafted and made from premium by-product leather originated from a small family owned tannery in Norway, to Italian leathers.

The leather will fade to slightly darken and soften with time and use, our pieces will age beautifully and gain character over time (develop a rich patina specific to its user). Each item is unique and one-of-a-kind, designed and manufactured by Nat’s hands in our studio/workshop in Norway.

In our production process, we always aim to minimise any waste, especially when it comes to leather. That’s why we make the effort to use up our left overs as much as possible by turning them info some of our smaller accessiories, like keychains, rings etc. 

Most of the leather we use for our leather products is vegetable tanned leather (veg tan), veg tan leather is treated in an natural way and not chemicals. 
It is normal if there are smaller imperfections in the leather (natural marks). 

CARE: To keep your BlotMani piece over years, we recommend to use a leather conditioner like saddle soap or balm from time to time if needed to re-hydrate your leather products. 
Keep it away from light, heat, and humidity. 
The way you will use and take care of it is going to preserve its beauty and longevity.

Caring for your leather products means using quality products to preserve them and keep them looking beautiful for a long time.

All your BlotMani goodie that leave our studio are already treated with leather balm and Resolene, but we recommend re-applying balm when needed for the best results and long life.