The BlotMani studio/workshop is a very unique studio/workshop, located in south of Norway, 2 hours from Oslo city.

We are an equality for all studio/workshop, we believe in creating a better world to live in. Equality is a birth right, a human right, not a privilige. Everyone should be able to love who they want, and to be loved as they are. We are also a safe space, and we want you to know that you can feel safe on our social media accounts; @BLOTMANI @BLOTMANIJEWELRY @BLOTMANI_ROCKS

To reduce our carbon footprint, we use recycled paper products, non toxic cleaning supplies, and LED lightning. We are constantly striving to improve the way we do things, so we can improve the health of our planet.

Since we live and work in Norway, we have a huge advantage on reducing our carbon footprint, as Norway has one of the most efficent recycling plans in the world. We have separate bins for different kinds of waste, plastic bottles and cand recycling system called «pant», metal, glass, foodwaste, paper bins outside our house and one of our cars is an electric car. 
I have written a blog entry regarding Norway and what we and the people living here do, to reduce our carbon footprints.

From different color coded waste bins, antique taxidermy, bloodred heavy velvet curtains, black and white striped walls, handpainted galaxy ceiling, skulls, artwork, tons of rolls with leather and ECO- friendly fabric rolls to gorgeous diamonds and sapphires, every nook of our studio/workshop is overflowing with glorious trinkets and treasures.

Our studio/workshop holds a very special magical energy, and in the process of creating, some of the magic is passed into each and every BlotMani product that is made. 
People that have visited us, has said that our studio/workshop reminds them of a castle or a museum. 
With high ceilings, big windows, original wooden floors from the 1800’s, and Nat’s love for collecting stuff for over 20 years,- We have to agree with what people are saying.

We are however no longer inviting people into our little homestudio/workshop due to the pandemic. 
But we do post alot of pictures, close-ups and videos of our products to our social media accounts. If you still wish to see more pictures and videos of a specific product, please feel free to contact us;