The Artist

In early 2018, Nat K founded The BlotMani brand. 
She’s a Sweden born artist from Malmoe, Swedens third largest city located in the south of Sweden.
She’s born of foreign parents, got raised in a second and third culture as well in adition to the Swedish. 
Art in one shape or another, has been Nat’s livelihood most of her young teens to adult life.

Before she founded BlotMani, she was a tattoo artist and managed her own tattoo shop for 15 years. 
Her health however, forced her to stop tattooing, and since there was no treatments working properly for her condition, she decided to close the doors to her tattoo shop. 
That’s when she created The BlotMani brand, and she finally got to where she belongs. 
As a retired tattoo artist and shop owner, this has given her an advantage in designing unique products and running a new business.

Inspiration; She has traveled around the world from early childhood to young teens with her mother, and her adult life with her own family. She has lived around the world, working at different tattoo conventions and as a guest artist in different tattoo shops. 
She has seen and experienced alot on her travels, from beeing pointed at with machine guns by foreign military in different countries, to meeting new people, get new friends, learning about different cultures, their life of living, observing history and nature, ancient traditions, falling in love and moving to Norway, has helped her grow into the artist that she is today.

Nat K is a wife, mother to 3 teens, 2 dogs, 3 adopted cats, 1 guineapig and 1 parakeet, nature loving former horse girl and owner of several horses (this is where she found the interest in working with leather), and the artist and owner of The BlotMani brand.

She is lovingly hand-crafting each piece from start to finish, in a one-at-a-time obsessive detail oriented approach - The BlotMani brand is a slowfashion company.

As a craftswoman, it is her desire to have her work speak for itself. She hand saddle-stitch her leather products, she designes her jewelry by hand before she is casting it into molten metal, to sewing the clothing line with two different Singer Heavy Duty sewing machines.

Vegard, Nat’s husband also has a small roll in this brand of hers. Being married for 20 years, they work as a power-couple together. Vegard do the lapidary work, cutting the stones to hand-picking them together with Nat, creating magical cabochons for the jewelry and leather line to be set. Vegard also manages sales, packaging, shipping, and the economics for BlotMani brand.

We strive to build a brand of spiritual adventure, creating magical objects, a balance between sophisticated structure and comfort of use with our uniquely designed products - inspired by our heritage; the vikings, Baltic-Finnic and Slavic people.

All our products are hand-made of highest possible quality and with the best materials, there. comes a higher price. Our leather bags and leather accessories will age beautifully and last a lifetime, if not even longer with proper leather care. All our products are designed and hand-made in Norway since 2018. Each product is unique and one-of-a-kind, just like you are.

/ I hope that you will love your new products as much as i loved creating it - Nat K