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Blot Mani


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A L I E N’s

My latest cuff collection, made with deerskin leather, shaped like a small A L I E N that crawls up on your wrist/arm.

This particular cuff has a distressed beautiful Mabe pearl set as it’s «head». It shines beautifully in the colors grey, pale blue, pink, yellow and greens.

The cuff is not bendable, so please please be gentle with it ~ or this little A L I E N will pass away by being heart broken.

It is however slightly flexible for an easy on and off placement on your wrist.

The cuffs are handmade by Nat and not mass produced. There is only one (1) of this model, so it is absolutely unique and categorized as «wearable artwork».

Since this A L I E N is a piece of wearable artwork, it has to be handled with care. The leather should not be wet as an example! Water on leather is a big NO NO! Since the cuff is not bendable, only a tiny bit flexible ~ you should not pull it or force it to open up more.
By doing so, it might loose it’s shape and are therefore un-usable, and that’s a real shame right.

Look at it like this; You do not purchase an oil painting and then spray it with a cleaning spray’s to get rid of the dust. You handle that painting with care ~ so please do the same with this cute cuff.
Will fit best on wrists with the size; 4,5 - 5cm inner diameter measurement, 1,77 - 1,97 inch. Please look at the picture to see how we measured it. 

It`s a beast! Big and beautiful, but it fits snug! Please measure your wrist carefully before purchasing this A L I E N cuff.

We do not (!) accept returns on earrings or any products at all. By doing so, we keep you safe from other peoples germs during this time with the pandemic being spread all around the world. So please read our descriptions carefully and take the measurements needed for you to understand if this is a size that fits you and your needs.

Thank you for understanding

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.