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Just like an iceberg with the reflections from the aurora borealis. This ring is lightweight and so comfortable to wear.
The frame is made out of recycled metal that I have found out in nature on our hikes, filled with copper that has a lot of my signature texture to it, blackened brass details, 14k gold wires, 23k Russian gold details, packed with rough tourmalines ~ sapphires ~ 1 Herkimer diamond, 1 Brandberg amethyst point & 2 Chevron amethysts. 
Jewelry concrete is added for the rough industrial look.
All minerals balancing on each other, trying to keep a grip and not fall down and break ~ just like our environment.
I have added small pieces of verdigris patina here and there on this ring to represent our planet earth.
I ended up naming this piece

Size: 7 and 8

Video available on our Instagram account. 

Paymentplan is available in 2 installments, email us at for details. (Payment plans are not available on items on sale)